Our interactive, multimedia workshops, keynote presentations and performances are “on tour” and tailored to meet the career development of students and the leadership development of working professionals in leadership roles, alike.  Contact us to secure a “tour date” that meets your unique goals and objectives.

Made to Order Presentations

All presentations are made to order, but generally include some mix of advancing social and organizational change, career and leadership development and/or a culture of contemplation and trust.  DEI is not just a piece of the pie, but baked into the whole pie.  Next, we layer on hip hop, spoken word and industry relevant material drawn from conversations with guests on the Soul Force Ones podcast. Choose from one of our signature presentations and/or select ingredients to be added, and we’ll mix up a customized presentation that’s filling and tasty.

Spirituality and faith
Leadership development
DEI 2.0 (Disruption, Equity and Integration) 
Professional/Career development
Networking, Community and Relationships
Story telling
Imposter syndrome and authenticity

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Signature Workshops

The CASH Meaning Making Process

CASH Rules Everything Around Us. CASH. It’s the meaning. Find ya, find ya purpose y'all. Making CASH is not a matter of making cash money, but making CASH meaning. Through the alignment of role and soul, and purpose and practice, this workshop introduces participants to the SF1s process for discovering purposeful and fulfilling lives through meaningful work and relationships.

Soul Force for the Work Force

Spiritual leadership and organizational leadership provide different solutions for addressing the suffering, inequity and hardship that underscore so many of our personal, societal and organizational challenges. This interactive presentation provides organizations and the individuals that lead them with the framework and tools to advance the resiliency and relationships that drive the work force: through the connections between spiritual and organizational leadership, adversity and diversity, reframing experiences and emotions, the interview and the inner view, Wu Tang and Wu Wei.

Professionalism - Decolonized and Remixed

What's professional is cultural, keeping people in power comfortable. Powers that be afraid of us realizing that our voices are powerful. Why are we surprised that first generation college students leverage career and higher education resources at increasingly lower rates? Career education has often perpetuated social dominant cultural norms that demand students assimilate to dominant social cultural norms. Directed to fit in, students are taught they don’t belong, and impostor syndrome spreads. Leveraging Yosso’s Community Cultural Wealth model, this workshop offers an alternative to outdated, stale, corporate presentations of “Networking” and “Professionalism” that help restore faith in who our students are, where they come from and the value they add.

Change: Disruption, Equity, Innovation and Integration (DEI 2)

Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to seek,” and J.Cole rapped, “Only real change come from inside,” but we’re still awaiting the Change that Sam Cooke sang is, “...Gonna Come. This presentation provides a roadmap for cultivating strategic relationships that assertively transform programs, practices, processes, and policies that advance mutual objectives, directly and indirectly tied to advancing goals and objectives centered by diversity, equity and inclusion through Disruption, Equity Innovation and Integration. multifaceted, collaborative, cross-campus approach, to that improve student success for students of color, first-generation students, and students with high financial need

Tour Dates


Oregon Diversity and Career Symposium

Soul Force for the Work Force

NCDA Global Conference

The W's and Why's of Spiritual Development within Career Development and Student Affairs

NASPA Annual Conference

Advancing DEI through Career Education, Change, and Collaboration

Circle of Change

Preparing First Generation Students for Career Success (2021)


National Association of Colleges and Employers

Disruption = Change: Advancing Equity for Marginalized Students.

Carney Sandoe & Associates FORUM/Diversity Conference

Wu Tang, Wu Wei, Yosso and a Remix on Professionalism, Networking and Leadership

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