Dr. Thomas Sharpton, Microbiology Professor

Episode #25

March 26, 2021

by Jonathan Stoll

This was a really fun episode.  I think it shows our range.  I mean we can score inside, got the mid range shot, and now pulling up Curry-like from 15 feet behind the arch. There’s layers to our game, and we’re scoring from all areas of the court on this one.  There was bathroom humor and playing with “shit.”  The word “shit,” of course.  I mean, don’t take us literally.  Unless it’s the science behind “shit” (that comes from our behind).  That’s where Tom, a microbiology professor from Oregon State University, comes in.  He breaks down the science much like like our gut breaks down the food we consume.  He tells us about how the brain and the gut are interconnected, and this makes me think we’re all interconnected, and how we many of us might put our Trust in God as its printed on our dollar bills.  Then there’s Trusting our Gut which commonly means intuition and staying true to your self.  So should you Trust your Gut or Trust God?  And if you understand that God is within you and you’re within God, then isn’t Trusting your Gut and Trusting God, one and the same?   

The one thing I’ll admit that I was a bit disappointed in, on this episode, was DJ Cole.  Bro, how did you NOT include this classic from “I’m Just a Human Being” by Fear of the Black Hat?

This song so eloquently reflects the range of this podcast episode.  It’s a little nutty.  Bathroom humor meets philosophy about our existence and interconnectedness.... “a universal thing we all flush it down?”  This episode might be best enjoyed while you’re handling your business, if you know what I mean?

You are just like me
I'm just a human
I am just like you
I'm just a human
We all stand or sit when we pee
I'm just a human just a human being
When I doo-doo is my shit not brown
It's a universal thing we all flush it down
And when you wipe do you look at the tissue
Most folks do, it ain't even an issue
Hot stuff makes it burn comin out
I bet everyone knows what I'm talkin about
Cause we are all one race on this planet
We all burp and fart, and that's the way God planned it
So don't act like your superior
Eat something bad an just like me you'll get diarrhea
Cause black, white, yellow, red, brown or gold
Our shit all comes from the same little hole

And we talk about other shit, too. Like Tom’s spiritual practice.

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